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ello and welcome to the page
for Pagan Weddings, Ceremonies
and Solstice Celebrations.


We design for you:
Pagan Weddings, Anniversary Celebrations
and many Celebrations of Life according to old rites
in various arrangements and pricings.

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Heidnische Neuigkeiten

(Deutsch) Mittelalterhochzeit am 16. September 2017 bei Heppenheim

Geschrieben in Festberichte am Sunday September 17th, 2017 |  6 Comments »

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(Deutsch) Schwertweihe am 15. September 2017 bei Heppenheim

Geschrieben in Festberichte am Saturday September 16th, 2017 |  3 Comments »

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Pagan Marriage on 22 July 2017 near Rathenow

Geschrieben in Festberichte am Saturday July 22nd, 2017 |  2 Comments »

120 guests are invited to the wedding in Hohennauen near Rathenow, since Michaela and Jens celebrate their pagan marriage today. Hohennauen is situated in the beautiful Havelland, directly at Lake Hohennauen. While we are building up, there are a few strong rain showers, unfortunately. But just in time for the ceremony, the rain clouds are gone, so we can start on schedule.

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Name Consecration on 2 July 2017 in Aalen

Geschrieben in Festberichte am Tuesday July 4th, 2017 |  3 Comments »

In Aalen we perform the consecration celebration for little Luisa on Sunday. Luisa resides in the world for seven moons now. So it is high time to arrange the first party for her.

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Marriage in Wilflingen on 1 July 2017

Geschrieben in Festberichte am Sunday July 2nd, 2017 |  8 Comments »

This weekend our way leads us to the Swabian Alb. The Eisighof, part of Wilflingen Castle, is situated in the midst of the idyllic landscape, which serves as a beautiful backdrop for the pagan marriage of Sabrina and Joachim.

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When a couple decides to celebrate their wedding in the medieval style, a unique and unforgettable event is pre-programmed. Nevertheless, there is much to think about and to plan in advance. A wedding ceremony from eheleite.com can represent the festive highlight of a medieval wedding – but also the whole trappings, from the bride shoe up to the wedding dinner, must be considered well in advance.

First of all, a couple who is willing to marry and enthusiastic about the middle-age, looks for suitable place for their big day. Here it comes out already, how diverse the possibilities are. Thus represent old castles, lordly palaces and similar historic buildings and places magnificent scenery. But also a medieval village or festival or an idyllic place in the open countryside can be attractive as a festival place. Here the personal preferences are decisive, and there is no limit to imagination.

After the personal favorite place has been found and the decision has been made, where to swear eternal loyalty to each other, the fine tuning of the details begins.
A festive hall can be decorated in proper style perhaps with drinking horns, jugs and cups, wooden spoons, carved chandeliers, candles, torches, shield and sword. But also findings from nature, such as woods, feathers, cones or colourful foliage can conjure up an original and cozy atmosphere. Replicated medieval objects of everyday use create a special atmosphere and move guests and bridal couples into past times – mentioned things can be purchased, for example, in specialised internet shops, on medieval markets or in specialist shops. If the decision has been made for a wedding in the great outdoors, one might need medieval tents, fire baskets, kettles, torches, benches or tables – depending on how the own festival ground wants to be arranged. There are special renting agencies, which support with assortment and advice.

Hand in hand with medieval objects, the medieval customs and manners come, which give the medieval wedding a special flair and provide the necessary entertainment and mood. In the Middle Ages, there were various rules and regulations on how to behave. It is worth to take a closer look at these customs and habits before the wedding and incorporate them into the program – perhaps a good job for committed witnesses or interested relatives and friends? In any case, it is a lot of fun and a high entertainment factor, to transfer mediaeval customs into the present time and to celebrate a knightly meal.

Music and dance belong to every wedding! What could fit on a medieval wedding better than a mediaeval playgroup, delighting the guests with the sounds of bagpipes, fiddle and shawn? An authentic alternative or addition to disco dance with DJ present the medieval and folk dances from eheleite.com. It is a great pleasure to learn the dancing steps with the whole wedding party. But also local societies for folk dance or medieval customs can provide assistance. A mystical, powerful highlight for the later hours can be a torch dance with eheleite.com.

Even gleemen, such as jugglers, fire-breather, court jester or sorcerers, can entertain and thrill the guests, as well as medieval fight shows or organised castle tours.

To a medieval wedding one would like to appear in appropriate clothing. Various providers on the Internet help man and woman of today to become lady and nobleman of that time. Whether a lady of the castle or a market woman, whether a knight or a landlord, the appropriate garment can be found according to the own taste. As an alternative to buying serves the lending from the costume rental. Who owns a traditional costume, can at least approach to the medieval style.

For the guests of the medieval festival the question of the appropriate gift for the bridal couple arises. Medieval enthusiasts could look forward to medieval objects of use or for decoration. Special shields, swords, drinking horns, wall carpets, fibulae or musical instruments – the selection is huge, and anything goes that bride and groom like. If it shall be a gift of money, this can be suitably packed in a leather bag or in a wooden box.

The possibilities for the design of the personally matched, perfect medieval wedding are almost unlimited – eheleite.com wishes all bridal couples a lot of fun while planning and celebrating!