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Words about the 2019 Solstice

At this place there is always our annual review in December. For this time, however, we came up with something else. Of course we always ask our bridal couples and their guests: “How did you like it? Could we touch your heart with our pagan ceremony? What do you think and feel about our rituals in general?”

Whether wedding, handfasting, name consecration, youth celebration, sword consecration, flame festival or, or …?

This is exactly the question we asked Arselia from the “Hijas de Omecihuatl” (Daughters of Turquoise) in Mexico. And of course we also wanted to know some things about their ceremony. Since they do not understand our language: Did they recognise parallels between their Indian and our Germanic customs?

Watch the interview with Arselia if you want to know the answers.

Interview with Arselia

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  1. Die Zeit naht auch und in wenigen Monaten sehen wir uns wieder. Wir haben Euch alle sehr gern und freuen uns schon enorm auf Leni´s großen Tag und unser Wiedersehen.

    Liebe Grüße an Euch Alle von Uns!
    Dirk, Nicole, Arthur, Leni, Friedrich & Thorwie!

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