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Pagan Wedding on 13 September 2019 in the Germanic Longhouse

Friday the 13th – a perfect day to marry! In many cultures the weekday Friday goes back to the goddess of love. This is the name of the Friday in Romanesque regions – named after the goddess of love Venus – e. g. Vendredi (France), Viernes (Spain) or Venerdi (Italy). How could it be different there with us Germans? Here, too, the goddess of love Freyja is worshiped on this day. Therefore it is something very special to promise eternal love on a Friday.

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Outlander Wedding on 15 June 2019 in Aulendorf

At noon, we meet near Ravensburg. On the western edge of the Schussental, Beatrice and Marco want to celebrate a very special 17th wedding anniversary.

In the medieval knight’s lodging Hotel Arthus, our bridal couple welcomes their magnificently dressed guests with a little refreshment. Meanwhile, our herb women (Eva, Inga and Wiebke) chat about all sorts of useful things from the herbary. The guests have a lot of fun and there is large interest in the quack remedies for beauty and for love.

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