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Handfasting, Medieval Weddings, Name Consecrations, Rebirth Festivals and Youth Celebration – Highlights of the Year 2018

Our season starts with three birthday parties this year. First, Miriam has decided to celebrate her birthday with us on 13.01. in the traditional way.

Afterwards Valentina’s rebirth party takes us to Denmark. Not far from Lake Constance, we celebrate Rocco’s life festival in Ravensburg in March.

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May has come: Get up to the New Pagan Marriage Season 2017

We at Eheleite are already looking forward to the new season. Whether it is a pagan marriage, medieval marriage, spiritual marriage or handfasting – there are many occasions to celebrate this year as well.

At the winter solstice we already started with a rustic Germanic Wedding with a night-time sword consecration ceremony in Beeskow (State of Brandenburg). In icy temperatures in February we then went to the name-consecration for Katharina-Leonida in Bremen. It always fulfills us with a lot of pride, when former bridal couples trust us with their most valuable – their offspring – to carry out a pagan baptism with us. We will celebrate further name-consecration ceremonies in Baden-Württemberg in July and in Brandenburg in October.

For our pagan marriages, we are on the way for example in Thuringia, in Baden-Württemberg, in Hessia, the Fläming Heath in Brandenburg and in Lusatia. And of course, our travel-enjoying troop is also guest on Lake Constance and in Switzerland this season.

The whole year has been completely planned, but for a small, secret ceremony there is always an appointment. Who likes to dare it with us may gladly ask!