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Pagan Customs: Pelting Millet

With the end of antiquity millet established itself as a staple food throughout Europe. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras advised it and even Attila, king of the Huns, is said to have served solely millet to his guests. The porridge that flows over the edge in Grimm’s well-known fairy tale of the Sweet Porridge (“The Magic Porridge Pot”) consists of millet and millet forms the delicious mountain range of the “land of milk and honey”. Therefore, millet stands as a symbol for food and material prosperity.

Hence a pagan custom was still practiced in the late Middle Ages: Friends and relatives pelt the bridal couple with millet to wish wealth and material blessing for the newly-married couple in this way.

As fruitful, as the millet prospers, wealth and material goods shall grow for the bridal couple and approach them from all sides.

Video about Pelting Millet